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YouTuber detained over false news about Arish University student death

The Egyptian Public Prosecution ordered the detention of a YouTuber over spreading false news over the death of a student at al-Arish University.

A Public Prosecution statement said that this comes in light of the Public Prosecutor’s directives to conduct investigations into misinformation surrounding the incident that has been prevalent on social media.

The statement continued that the “Mo Silva” account was found to have spread misinformation through his accounts on the TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook platforms.

These included that the defendants in the death of the Al-Arish University student took obscene photos of the deceased and threatened to publish them, and killed her with poison after she sought help from those in charge of the administration of the college where she studied, who declined to provide her with assistance due to the influence of the defendants’ families.

The Public Prosecution said that these false claims would threaten public security.

The suspect admitted that he works as a YouTuber and clothing merchant, and that he published this information without verifying its authenticity to gaining more views and followers, and that he derived the information from other sites.

The prosecution ordered his detention pending investigations, with the completion of an examination into other accounts spreading these false claims.

Naira Salah passed away on Sunday, February 25, having been transferred to al-Arish General Hospital after feeling severe abdominal pain.

Initial media reports suggested that the victim took poison tablets (Aluminium phosphide) to commit suicide after being blackmailed by colleagues.

However, the family of the victim has refuted claims that Salah committed suicide.

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