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Youth launches “Male’s Scream” campaign to defend women’s rights

A group of young adults have decided to launch a campaign that tackles women's issues and rights.
Launched on the group’s Facebook page and YouTube channel, the campaign entitled “Male’s Scream” is based on the exchange of roles between men and women to defend women’s rights.
The “Male’s Scream" team earlier showed several videos in which they tackled issues like spinsterhood, sexual harassment, discrimination between males and females and other subjects.
“The idea came after the increase in sexual harassment, in addition to the absence of women’s rights in many fields. Thus, we decided to discuss women’s issues in a different and comedic way,” said Nesrine Ramsis, the team's founder and host of the YouTube videos.
The video that received many likes and was shared by Facebook users was the one on sexual harassment, which claimed that the closure of Sadat metro station for more than a year led to congestion in Shohadaa station and the subsequent increase in sexual harassment there.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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