Youngsters’ video reviewing Eid cookie manufacturers in Egypt stir controversy

Endless controversy surfaced on Egypt’s social media outlets on Monday following the circulation of a video footage that contained reviews from youngsters on Egyptian Eid cookie manufacturers, including cookies made by the army.

The controversy appeared in the footage’s scenes that made comparison between the number of Eid cookies manufacturers in Egypt and cookies that are produced by a number of factories that are affiliated to the Egyptian Armed Forces.

The footage that has been produced by the Cairo-based online lifestyle ‘Al-Scene’ magazine was met by massive criticism from social media users, as its content that referred to Eid cookies made by the army carried a subtle humiliation to the army, according to their [Social Media Users] perceptions.

A number of social media users launched online campaigns that call on the government to execute a rapid military trial for the footage’s makers on charges of insulting the Egyptian army.

In response to the unprecedented wave of attacks, makers of the video footage removed it from their social media outlets and the production company of ‘Al Scene’ released a statement on their¬†Facebook page. However, the video is still carried by other social media pages.

The statement noted that since its establishment, it was clear that the online magazine ‘Al-Scene’ does not have any affiliations to any political or religious entities and that the magazine worked only on publishing entertainment and fun content.

The controversial video footage did not say outright that the main goal was to criticize¬†the Egyptian army’s role in affording Eid cookies to citizens, but many social media users noted that the content deliberately targeted insulting the army.



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