Young Salafis form new political party

A group of Salafis have launched the Islah Party, the fourth political party to be formed by Salafis since the 25 January revolution, according to a party spokesperson. The other three Salafi parties are Nour, Asala and Fadila.

Khaled Mansour, a member of the party's leadership, said Islah is mostly made up of young Salafis. “Our program is different from those of the other parties,” he said. “We rely on [Al-Azhar] religious scholars as our reference.”

“We will coordinate with all Islamist parties in the upcoming parliamentary elections,” Mansour added, saying he hoped to unify all Salafi parties into one strong party.

Party spokesperson Essam Abdel Baset said that the party will rely on Al-Azhar scholars rather than Salafi sheikhs.

Salafi Front spokesman Khaled Saeed said that Salafis can form 20 parties if they so choose. “We are more popular in the street than all other political forces,” he proclaimed.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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