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Young man murders 14-year-old cousin after failed rape attempt

On February 10, specifically at 2:30 pm, Ahmed Samir, the prosecutor of Osim, north of Giza, recorded the moment he arrived at the home of 14-year-old girl Amal Naser, who was known as the “martyr of chastity and purity”.

In the Barageel area, Samir was the victim of her cousin, a young man in his twenties, who failed to sexually assault her, so he cut her throat and stabbed her in the stomach.

The Giza Criminal Court set the first session of the trial for August 1.

Crime scene

The Public Prosecutor wrote in the investigation report: “We moved to al-Nour Street in al-Barageel, to conduct the necessary examination of the body of the deceased, Amal Nasry… We met with Officer Ahmed Farhat, head of the investigations department, who guided us to the whereabouts of the body.”

According to Samir’s description of the crime scene, the victim was found lying beside the bed on her back in the bedroom with some underwear scattered on the bed.

After examining Naser’s corpse, prosecutors found a girl in her mid-twenties of medium height, black hair, brown complexion, and completely naked.

An injury to the neck from the front, as well as an injury to the abdomen, and traces of blood were visible on her and on the floor of the room.

The confessions of the accused

The Public Prosecutor opened a new investigation report at 3 pm on February 12, stating: “We were presented with the arrest report for the accused named Andrew.”

Several fixed and mobile ambushes were prepared to arrest the suspect, upon an arrest warrant from prosecutors.

During interrogations, the accused confessed to committing the crime.

The accused said he was determined to rape the victim, so he went to her house after making sure that she was alone in the house after her parents went out to work in garbage collection. He knocked on the door and the victim opened the door for him, being her cousin.

He spoke with her then he asked her for a glass of water, so she brought water to him. Then he went into the kitchen, located in the entrance below the stairs outside the apartment in question, to get a knife and pointed the weapon in the face of the victim before attempting to sexually assault her.

The brother of the victim came outside the house and knocked on the outer iron door of the house, and called her on her mobile phone.

When the accused learned of the presence of the victim’s brother outside and she screamed for help, he stabbed her in the abdomen, and inflicted a slashing wound on the neck to confirm that she was dead.

He then stole her mobile phone and after making sure that her brother had gone, he fled from the scene of the crime.

According to the investigations, the accused guided the police to the location of the white weapon used to commit the crime which he hid in an agricultural land near the house of the victim.

The knife had traces of blood on it. He also turned in the mobile phone of the victim to the police.

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