Young 25 Jan activists announce launch of revolutionary youth union

A group of independent and politically-affiliated young people who participated in Egypt's 25 January revolution held a press conference at the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate on Thursday to announce the launch of  the "Union of the Youth Revolution" in an effort to establish a common position.

The group includes young people from political parties such as the Progressive National Unionist Party, the New Wafd Party, the Tomorrow Party, the Egyptian Communist Party, and the New Left Party. Members are currently trying to establish contact with all political bodies and committees to have emerged during the recent uprising in hopes of forming a unified entity to represent the young people of the revolution.

Group members announced their demands in a statement delivered at the press conference. They called for the creation of a transitional council that includes representatives from the Egyptian Armed Forces, the cancellation of Egypt's longstanding Emergency Law, the dissolution of the State Security apparatus, the dissolution of State Security courts, the dissolution of the the ruling National Democratic Party and the prosecution of its leaders, the dismissal of the current Ahmed Shafiq government, the immediate release of all political detainees, and the setting of a fixed date–no longer than six months from now–on which to conduct fair presidential and parliamentary elections.

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