Yemeni man in Saudi Arabia brags about beating Egyptian employee

The Egypt Foreign Ministry contacted Saudi authorities on Sunday through its consulate in Riyadh to arrest a Kafeel (legal guardian or sponsor), who appeared in a Youtube video bragging about beating-up an Egyptian man working for him.

Assistant Foreign Minister for Egyptians abroad, Khaled Rizg, said that Saudi authorities in Najran arrested the man, who turned to be a Yemeni national working as green-grocer. Kafeel is being interrogated by the Saudi prosecution.

The video showed Kafeel sitting with a group of friends, he said the worker came to him everyday to ask for his pay, and Kafeel refused. He said sarcastically: “I have money, but I didn’t give it ti him because he is Egyptian.”

The Yemeni man said that he beat the Egyptian worker violently because he cursed his boss for not paying him, and that the Egyptian man managed to catch one of his hands and bite it.

The video provoked a great deal of debate among social media users, who demanded justice for the Egyptian citizen and the arrest of his boss.

Saudi citizens declared that this person does not represent the kingdom and that they condemned his actions, adding that he is a Yemeni citizen and not a Saudi.

Edited Translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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