Writer Hamed abdel Samad returns after 3-day disappearance, says Interior Ministry

Hamed Abdel Samad, 43, the German writer and history professor at the University Munich, who disappeared on Sunday for three days, has returned back safely. Security services had been investigating his disappearance, though the details of his disappearance remain unclear, a security source from the Interior Ministry said.
Samad returned safely back to a Cairo hotel, where he is now staying after his three-day disappearance. His brother, Mahmoud, reported him missing on Sunday, saying a plastic factory owner in Obour City and another one kidnapped him from Azhar Park over a dispute concerning 250,000 euros.
In the report, the brother said Hamed’s personal guard from the Interior Ministry had not been with him when he disappeared.
Mahmoud added that his brother Hamed informed the guard that there was a black car following him near Azhar Park. All his phones were switched off within 15 minutes of his abduction. He said that he filed a report to the tourism police and that he was questioned for 12 hours.
Mahmoud referred to a lawsuit at Khanka Court over cheques of 241,000 euros that should have be paid to his brother, which raises questions over their involvement in his abduction.
Mahmoud previously reported that Hamed received threats from hardline Islamists due to his writings which are strongly critical of Islamic governance and Islamist groups.
Edited translation from MENA

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