World Youth Forum campaign kicks off in Egypt

Egypt’s World Youth Forum, set to take place between 4 and 10 November in Sharm el-Sheikh, launched on Sunday a campaign calling on Egyptians and young people globally to take part in the the event.

Young people participating in the campaign posted on social media networks the forum’s motto of “we need to talk.”

The campaign posted propaganda movies about popular young people in Egypt, including Yassen al-Zoghbi, as well as other pioneers throughout history.

“We are challenged by many difficulties,” says Farida Osman, a 22-year-old swimmer, in the short movie “Resala fe hob Misr,” that focuses on Egytpian role models such as the handicapped child Muhammed al-Husseini, who attempted to swim the English channel.

The campaign also displayed short movies on global issues that will be discussed during the forum as well as a documentary on the lives of Egyptian scientists Samera Musa, Mustafa Musharafa and Ahmed Zewail.

Egyptian entrepreneurs also appeared in the documentary including winner of the best global research on cancer treatment from the French National Cancer Institute, Nancy Karim Tewfik, and Youssef Amr Abbas from the International Sustainable World (Engineering, Energy, Environment) Project Olympiad.


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