World’s most powerful passports revealed, Egypt’s ranking declines

Germany has the most powerful passport in the world, allowing its bearer visa-free entry to 158 regions and countries, the Daily Mail Online reported.

Egypt falls in the 162 rank this year, as its passport allows bearers visa-free entry to 48 regions and countries. In 2016, Egypt's rank was 88.

The 2017 travel ranking released by takes into account the number of visa-free regions and countries that a passport has access to. It includes destinations that are completely visa-free and the ones that require a visa upon arrival, Mail Online said.

European countries comprise the first nine ranks, except for third place which is held by Asian country Singapore.

Sweden came second, followed by Singapore, Denmark, Finland, France, Spain, Switzerland, Norway and the UK.

Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan came in the last three of the list. Afghanistan ranked 199 as its passport allows bearer visa-free entry to just 23 regions and countries.


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