Women’s council praises ‘Ella Ana’ tv series for tackling women’s issues

Egypt’s National Council for Women (NCW), headed by Maya Morsy, praised in a statement DMC’s “Ella Ana” (Except Me) TV series for addressing issues of concern to women and society.

Morsy congratulated the series makers and the brilliant stars of the show, saying she is very pleased with the release of a “meaningful, sophisticated, and honest” series that confronts the daily reality of Egyptian women. 

She expressed her eagerness to see the rest of the series’ stories and episodes.

Morsy also praised the diversity of the subjects that the stories deal with, including legal issues, marital problems, childbirth, and bullying. 

The most important theme in the drama is the show’s economic empowerment of women, which gives hope to women and girls who suffer from social and economic problems. 

The series also shows that a woman, no matter how hard she suffers in her life, has enough strength, tenacity, and challenge not to succumb to circumstances, even when living in a domineering society,” it added.

“Ella Ana” is a drama inspired by life stories, written by Yousra al-Fakharany. It consists of independent stories, each presented in ten episodes.

It is produced by Aroma – Tamer Mortada – in partnership with Synergy Tamer Morsi.

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