Women running in elections should be veiled, says Salafi leader

Salafi leader Mahmoud Amer has said there should be conditions on women running in the upcoming parliamentary elections, namely that they should be veiled, and that they should not talk to men except when utterly necessary.

Three Salafi parties, the Nour, Asala and Fadila parties, have announced that they are fielding female candidates in the elections.

“We want to prevent other female candidates who are not from the Islamist trends from winning seats,” said Nader Bakar, spokesman of the Nour Party.

Bakar added that his party would hold a conference in which it would explain the role of women in political life.

For her part, Hoda Abdel Moneim of the Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party said female members of the group would now play an important role in politics. “We are no longer persecuted by the security services,” she said.

Party Assistant Secretary Azab Mostafa said the party is fielding 47 women in the elections.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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