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What European nationalities like to do on holiday?

An international survey from the Croatian Tourist Office, seen by Relaxnews, shows what different European nationalities like to do on holiday. So while Norwegians seek adventure and the French like a good party, Brits tend to prefer cultural escapades, the survey found.
From seaside resorts to mountain hikes, culture-packed museums to sizzling-hot beaches, and last-minute reservations to meticulously organized trips, everyone has their own idea of what makes a great holiday. Now, a survey of European holidaymakers has found that different nationalities have different ideas about what makes a good getaway. 
The results show that men are more likely to prefer "adventurous" jaunts, hitting the road with a rucksack and thumbing down rides. Norwegians are more likely to prefer this kind of trip to travelers from other European countries, with 33.6 percent up for adventure. Other nationalities, such as the Germans (24 percent), prefer escaping it all and soaking up stunning surroundings in the great outdoors, with relaxation an essential part of any holiday (61.5 percent).
The Austrians like to unwind too, with 20.8 percent keen to organize trips centered on well-being. Plus, sun cream and swimsuits are Austrian essentials, as sunbathing is a must (44.6 percent).
The Polish are the most organized Europeans when it comes to preparing holidays, with 28.3 percent planning a holiday itinerary (compared to 17.7 percent on average).
Escaping it all with a cultural break
Other nations' holidaymakers prefer using their free time to broaden their cultural horizons. They seek to soak up new information and experiences (85 percent), with activities such as visiting a museum (50 percent) or taking a guided tour (52 percent). The survey found British and Dutch travelers to be the biggest fans of cultural breaks. 
French holidaymakers are the keenest to party, with 26 percent making sure to pack eveningwear. And on nights out, over half of French holidaymakers (59.2 percent) look to meet new people. 
The survey was carried out July 1 to 15, 2015, by Reputation Leaders, who questioned over 11,000 adults aged 18 and above in France, Germany, the UK, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and Italy.

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