Well-known politicians involved in Israeli Embassy attack, says security source

Security forces are currently investigating the possible involvement of two well-known politicians in instigating the recent attack on the Israeli Embassy and the events that accompanied it, said a security source on Thursday.

The source pointed out that surveillance cameras located in the embassy building and photographic evidence collected by security forces from regular citizens had prompted their suspicions.

The source told A-Masry A-Youm: “One hundred and thirty people were arrested during the attacks on the Israeli Embassy, the Security Directorate and Saudi Embassy, including 38 people who were arrested on the first day and 92 arrested by the armed forces, including 11 minors”.

The source added that “investigations into 40 others suspected of having participated in the events are ongoing”.

The source explained that investigations indicated the involvement of the two politicians, one of whom was involved in inciting and angering the protesters, while the other gave money to some of the defendants. He added that the evidence included “15-minutes of video footage, which includes a full account of the Israeli Embassy events”.

The source went on to say that the 40 suspects are expected to be arrested for their involvement in the attack on the Israeli Embassy and for burning the vehicles belonging to the Central Security Forces.

“The defendants' are close in age but live in different districts,” said the source. “The defendants confessed that two politicians were are among the masterminds behind the events, which included the Giza Security Directorate, two police stations at Cairo University, and a Nahda Square Traffic Department, in addition to the embassy."

The traffic authorities are looking for three cars that were in the vicinity of the Israeli Embassy whose drivers the defendants claimed “were handing out money to them”.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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