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Weekend Getaway: Ras Sedr

As Ain Sokhna is becoming crowded and more commercial, peace lovers and sports addicts are directing their vigorous attention to another Red Sea heaven – Ras Sedr, which is almost 60 kilometers from the Ahmed Hamdy Tunnel on Sinai's west coast.

During the two-and-a-half-hour drive from Cairo you will pass by Oyoun Moussa (Moses' spring). In the last few years, Ras Sedr has slowly become the hub of kite surfers in Egypt, who usually stay at Moon Beach Hotel for its convenience and kite surfing classes. Wind surfers find a haven here as well; despite the hot weather, there is always enough wind for a satisfactory surfing experience. Of course, the spring and early summer are the best time for surfers in Ras Sedr.

Therapeutic tourism is also booming in Ras Sedr as the sulfuric springs are known for their healing powers for bone, muscle and skin ailments. Hammamat Pharaoun (pharaoh’s baths) is the main attraction for travelers seeking recovery. The healing springs are 45 kilometers from the main town.

The temperature is perfect year-round and the humidity is usually low – ideal for enjoying Ras Sedr's white sand beaches that have benefited from far less development than other retreats along the Red Sea.

Sightseeing options include the old fortress Qalat al-Guindi, which is one of the area's main attraction. The old fortress was built by Salah Eddin at the time of the crusades to protect pilgrims traveling to Mecca from crusaders.

There are a number of breathtaking valleys with beautiful scenery such as Wadi al-Gharandal. Mountaineers and hunters will also love Ras Sedr as it caters to their passions as well. Mountains like Om Kharita offer goat hunting.

Hotel prices are moderate and the town offers a wide array of options from the posh tourist resorts to the laid back motels. La Hacienda Beach resort, Moon Beach, Paradise Hotel and the Ramada are just a few of the options.

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