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Weather forecast from Friday to Tuesday

The Egyptian Meteorological Authority expects cold windy weather from Thursday, until Tuesday, in Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, north coasts, and northern Upper Egypt.

Warmer temperatures are predicted in South Sinai, and southern Upper Egypt, and very cold temperatures at night in all parts.

Maximum temperatures predicted on Friday are as follows:

Cairo and Lower Egypt 18C

North Coast 17C

South Sinai 21C

Northern Upper Egypt 19C

Southern Upper Egypt 22C

Maximum temperatures predicted on Saturday:

Cairo and Lower Egypt 21C

North Coast 18C

South Sinai 23C

Northern Upper Egypt 22C

Southern Upper Egypt 25C

Maximum temperatures predicted on Sunday:

Cairo and Lower Egypt 22C

North Coast 20C

South Sinai 24C

Northern Upper Egypt 24C

Southern Upper Egypt 30C

Maximum temperatures predicted on Monday:

Cairo and Lower Egypt 25C

North Coast 22C

South Sinai 26C

Northern Upper Egypt 28C

Southern Upper Egypt 34C

Maximum temperatures predicted on Tuesday:

Cairo and Lower Egypt 28C

NorthCoast 22C

South Sinai 29C

Northern Upper Egypt 30C

Southern Upper Egypt 35C

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