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Weather forecast for Saturday and Sunday in Egypt

The Egyptian Meteorological Authority revealed the weather forecast for Saturday and Sunday across Egypt.

Cold weather will continue during the night and early morning, remaining moderately cold in the daytime in Cairo, Alexandria, the northern coasts, and the governorates of Lower Egypt.

The Weather will be very cold in the southern parts of the country and central Sinai at night.


Saturday’s temperatures

The northern coasts and Alexandria: 18C

Greater Cairo: 19C

Northern Upper Egypt: 21C

South Sinai: 24C

Southern Upper Egypt: 27C


Sunday temperatures

The northern coasts and Alexandria: 19C

Greater Cairo: 21C

Northern Upper Egypt: 22C

South Sinai: 25C

Southern Upper Egypt: 28C


Weather phenomena on Saturday and Sunday

Meteorologists anticipate mist in the morning on some roads leading to and from the governorates of Cairo and Alexandria, the northern coasts, the governorates of northern Lower Egypt, the Suez Canal cities, central Sinai and northern Upper Egypt.

Chances of light rainfall (at 20%) are expected in areas of the far northwestern coasts at intermittent intervals, with wind activity in areas of Greater Cairo, Alexandria, Lower Egypt, the northeastern coasts and northern Upper Egypt.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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