We were not ordered to shoot demonstrators, says Tantawi

Ten days after his testimony in court, Hussein Tantawi, head of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, has commented that he only said the truth.
“We were not ordered to shoot the demonstrators,” he said. “And we would never do so.”
Tantawi’s statements came during a visit to Fayoum on Sunday to inaugurate three new factories.
Despite the gag order on Tantawi’s testimony, some websites published what they claimed was direct quotes, causing public controversy.
“The main mission of the armed forces is to defend the country against external threats,” Tantawi said, adding that according to the constitution, the army helps in the development of the country in times of peace.
“We fight in the name of God, not of some individual,” he said. 
He said the armed forces aims to lead Egypt to safety and improve the economy.
“This requires everyone to work hard,” he said, condemning the many sit-ins and strikes that impede production. “We need to work more in order to meet the demands of the protesters.”
“Egypt will never fall,” he said. “And we all must help the country get over the current crisis.”
During the visit Tantawi joked with Prime Minister Essam Sharaf.
“Nice suit,” he told him. “I have one like it, but people tell me it is too shabby.”
Translated from the Arabic Edition

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