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Washington suspends military aid worth US$235 million to Cairo

The new Chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Ben Cardin, announced the suspension of US military aid to Egypt worth US$235 million.

According to Cadrin, the decision was made due to Cairo’s lack of progress regarding human rights despite the efforts made by Egyptian authorities.

Egypt annually receives military aid estimated at 1.3 billion US dollars, after signing the first peace agreement between an Arab country and Israel, mediated by the US, in 1979.

The US administration links about $300 million of this annual aid to the extent of Cairo’s commitment to pledges related to its human rights record.

Egypt’s House of Representatives recently slammed the European Parliament after it issued a statement criticizing the human rights situation in Egypt.

It called on the European Parliament to focus its efforts on European affairs, which are not devoid of violations in the field of rights and freedoms, the Egyptian Parliament said in a statement.

It noted the way European countries warmly treated Ukrainian refugees while cruelly shunning Middle Eastern refugees.


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