Washington reiterates call for Morsy’s release

The United States urged Egypt's new government to release Mohamed Morsy after he was removed from the presidency by the army earlier this month.

Morsy has been held at an undisclosed location since 3 July.

“We call for an end to all politicized arrests and detentions, and believe that all parties should be free to participate in Egypt’s political future," said Jay Carney, White House spokesperson, in a press briefing on Monday.

Asked whether the U.S. call included the deposed president, Carney replied: ”Yes, I have said that that includes President Morsy. And we believe that his situation needs to be resolved in a way that is consistent with the rule of law and due process, and allows for his personal security."

On Monday, Morsy's family held a press conference calling for his release, accusing the military, led by Defense Minister Abdel Fattah al-Sisi of "abducting" the former president.

The army had earlier assured that Morsy is being treated well and that he had been kept at a military facility for his own safety.

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