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‘Was it canceled?’ – Egyptian MP files parliamentary question over Travis Scott concert

Egyptian MP Freddy al-Bayadi, a member of the House of Representatives for the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, submitted a parliamentary question to the Speaker of the House directed to each of the ministers of Interior, Tourism, and Local Development, regarding the situation of US rapper Travis Scott’s concert.

“Was it canceled or will it take place on time?”

Bayadi added in his question, “After much controversy and some demands to cancel the concert of international singer Travis Scott – who is attending Egypt for the first time – which was scheduled for Friday, at the pyramids until now, there is confusion amongst the statements.”

“There is no confirmation from the government whether the concert will be canceled or held. Why is there no clear statement issued by the concerned authorities regarding the matter?”

Bayadi added, “If the concert is on time, what are the measures that the ministries of Interior, Tourism and Local Development will take to ensure the organization of this concert and prevention of any violations or accidents as a result of the expected crowding?”

He noted that: “All tickets for this concert were sold out as soon as they were offered, and previous concerts in other countries were attended by huge numbers of people, some of which were plagued by poor organization, stampedes, and attendance greater than the capacity of the venues.”

“At a concert in the US, ten people died and dozens of others were injured due to stampedes and overcrowding, which requires us to ensure (good) organization and follow strict security measures to preserve the safety of those present,” he stressed.


Egypt cancels controversial concert

The Egyptian General Syndicate for Musical Professions has canceled US rapper Travis Scott‘s ‘Utopia’ concert, originally scheduled to be held at the foot of the pyramids on July 28.

The syndicate issued a statement regarding the concert, which had sparked widespread controversy due to Scott’s ‘satanic’ beliefs and safety concerns.

In its statement, the Musical Professions Syndicate said that security considerations and approvals from the competent authorities are its utmost priority for holding public events.


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