Wafd Party threatens to boycott November elections

The Wafd Party on Tuesday threatened to boycott the parliamentary elections slated for November after Egyptian Television declined to air the party's promotional ads.

In a statement issued today, the opposition party said it is reconsidering its participation in the November poll.

President of Wafd Sayyed al-Badawi warned the party may decide to boycott the poll if the state does not respond to the party’s demands and prove its impartiality.

Al-Badawi described the current situation as "serious," after Egyptian Television refused to run the party's campaign ads.

Recent developments show the state is not neutral, Badawi added. Restrictions on candidacy abound, he said.

Press reports mentioned that Egyptian Television refused to air paid-for Wafd promotions as part of its election publicity campaign.

Wafd ads were broadcast on several private satellite channels, such as Dream TV. The TV spots do not contain any criticism of the ruling National Democratic Party, but implicitly attack calls by the National Association for Change to boycott the election.

Wafd is fielding 176 candidates in 27 governorates, and has earmarked LE12 million for the party’s promotional campaign.

The Information Ministry on Monday said obtaining the approval of the Supreme Electoral Commission is a precondition for airing promotional campaigns of any party on Egyptian Television.

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