Wafd Party suspends its membership of coalition of parties

The Wafd Party has decided to freeze its membership of the coalition of opposition parties which also includes the Tagammu, Nasserist and Democratic Front Parties.

This move came after the President of the Democratic Front Party Osama el-Ghazali Harb called for members of the coalition to boycott the upcoming People’s Assembly election.

According to MP Mohamed Mostafa Shordi, spokesperson for the Wafd Party, previous decisions to boycott elections have not been any successful at exposing the regime or the rigging of election results.

Shordi also said his party respects the opinions of other parties and political movements, but will not accept any attack on the way it carries out political work.

The Wafd Party said in a statement that Harb’s recent declarations carried unacceptable implications concerning the Wafd Party and other parties of the coalition.

Shordi further said that the Wafd Party was the first ever to boycott the People’s Assembly election, as it did in 1990. The party even went as far as to dismiss 17 Wafdists who fought the election and obtained seats as independent candidates.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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