Wafd Party says Brotherhood wants civil war

Wafd Party spokesperson Fouad Abu Homaila accused the Muslim Brotherhood of looking to forment civil war on Tuesday.

"The Muslim Brotherhood aims to drag the Egyptian people into a civil war and to create a state of chaos so as to hijack the legitimacy of people which dropped the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood on 30 June," he said.

Abu Homaila stressed that the Egyptian people back the army and the Interior Ministry to maintain the gains of the "30 June revolution" to allow Egypt to move towards security and political and economic stability.

He demanded that all state institutions coordinate to fend off what he described as "Muslim Brotherhood militias engaged in violence and terror against the Egyptian people," pointing to "desperate attempts to take Egypt back and disrupt the process of democratic transition."

He accused the Brotherhood of also seeking the help of U.S. and Western countries against the army.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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