Wafd Party deputy chairman resigns

Deputy chairman of the liberal Wafd Party, Alaa Abdel Moneim, announced his resignation in protest against the Wafd's decision not to participate in yesterday's protest in Tahrir Square for "Correcting the Path of the Revolution".

Secular forces called for a million-strong demonstration in Tahrir Square on to pressure the ruling military council set a timetable for the process of democratization in Egypt.

Abdel Moneim told reporters on Friday evening that he considered the Wafd's decision not to participate a betrayal of the revolution, because the protest called for maintaining the gains of the revolution. He added the party has started to pull away from the public.

The Wafd refused to participate because, it said, protesters intended to raise slogans against Egypt's armed forces.

Previously, Abdel Moneim objected to the Wafd Party's decision to form an alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood for the upcoming parliamentary elections, scheduled for November.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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