Wafd Party considers pulling out of NSF

The Wafd Party condemned the National Salvation Front’s decision to run in the upcoming House of Representatives elections, the party said in a statement issued Friday.

The National Salvation Front is the largest coalition of opposition political parties, and the Wafd is a member party.

To make such a decision in light of the current events sweeping through the country would subvert any attempts at building national consensus or pursuing comprehensive national reconciliation, the statement claimed.

"The decision is unacceptable on the part of the opposition, and is a concession to the arbitrary decisions taken by the regime, after we have revolted against them, and boycotted the elections because of them,” the statement asserted.

The Wafd Party stressed it condemned the Front’s decision in the face of the "stubbornness of the authority [President Mohamed Morsy’s administration]" in considering the opposition’s demands.

The party called on its high commission to hold an urgent meeting to discuss pulling out of the NSF coalition.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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