Wafd newspaper: ElBaradei sets conditions for potential salvation government

Presidential hopeful Mohamed ElBaradei has set conditions for the leadership of the new salvation government that protesters in Tahrir Square demand, according to Al-Wafd newspaper's website.

News reports said Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) deputy chairman Sami Anan met on Tuesday with leaders of political parties to discuss the possibility of tasking ElBaradei with forming a new government. ElBaradei did not attend the meeting.

But Al-Wafd's website quoted the presidential hopeful as saying that he would only accept the mission if parliamentary elections are held as scheduled on 28 November. He said his nomination must be approved by the new parliament.

ElBaradei also said he would want authority to make decisions without SCAF intervention.

In downtown Cairo, clashes during protests against police brutality and the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces have left at least 28 demonstrators dead and hundreds injured, according to the Health Ministry. Three other protesters have died in clashes in Ismailia and Alexandria.

Months earlier, ElBaradei, a former International Atomic Energy Agency director and a Nobel laureate, said he was ready to give up his presidency bid if such move would help secure a safe transition for the country.

Many young opposition activists support ElBaradei, and he has good relations with the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt's largest and most organized group.

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