VOX POPS: What are you watching during Ramadan?

This year, Ramadan viewers were treated to a large number of TV series, which made it even harder than usual for people to choose what to watch. In light of this, Al-Masry Al-Youm hit the streets to find out which TV show attracted Egyptians, and why?

Abdel-Hamid Zakria, employee in real estate company: “'Al-Gamaa' (The Group) is the only TV series I am watching this Ramadan. There has been heated debate about whether the series should be allowed. I am interested in knowing the history and beliefs of Muslim Brotherhood, which plays a significant role in the political life of Egypt. I think that the idea of connecting the past to the present is one of the interesting aspects of this serial. So, the audience is not only watching the life of Hassan el-Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood movement, but also the current relations between the Egyptian regime and the group. In addition, the directing techniques and the script of Wahid Hamed are excellent.”

Souad Mohamed, housewife: “I chose four TV series to follow this Ramadan, but the one I like the most is 'Zohra we Azwageha el-Khamsa' (Zohra and Her Five Husbands). The idea of a woman marrying several husbands is a new one for our society. It also tackles the circumstances of the poor, which force them to let their daughter marry wealthy man in order to lift the financial burden on the family. I like the performance of Ghada Abdel-Razeq and the sequence of the events which are written in a light, comedic way.”

Khaled Abd Rabou, employee in a communication company: “I am watching 'Al-Aaa' (Disgrace) in order to compare the series and the old film, which the series is based on. Before the release of the TV series, I did not support representing the film on TV because of the big success the film has achieved in the past. Besides, it is quite difficult for inexperienced actors to compete with prominent actors Nour el-Sharif, Hussein Fahmy, and Mahmoud Abdel Aziz. However, after watching the series, I started to change my mind, as I found that the plot is a little different. The scriptwriter added more details to the story in order to prolong it, which makes it more interesting. In addition, the actors exerted a lot of effort, in an attempt to convey the credibility of the characters they are playing.”

Mahmoud el-Mansy, accountant: “'Bel Shamaa El-Ahmar' (With Red Wax) is the best one this year. I follow Yousra’s series every Ramadan because she always chooses bold and innovative ideas. This year, she plays the role of a pathologist, which is a new character for her. In this new series, Yousra is totally focusing on her great talent and performance, not on the beauty or elegant clothes she always dresses in. Besides, the series is based on a true story, which adds to the credibility of the plot.”  

Gamil Nasaf, teacher: “I like the Cleopatra series so much. It is totally different from the other series airing every year. We have not seen an historical pharaonic series for a long time.  Syrians are well-known for their creativity in historical series, so Sulaf Fawakharji is the most suitable Syrian actress for this role, and her good looks help her to resemble the beautiful Cleopatra. Fathy Abdel-Wahab also proved his efficiency in acting through his professional performance. The decor of the locations is one of the main things that contribute to the successful of this series.”

Nadia Waked, employee at the Ministry of Investment: "I think 'Maleka fi al-Manfa' (Queen in Exile) is a great series as it gives an opportunity to many Egyptians, especially the youth, to get closer to the history of Egypt. The series reveals the details of Queen Nazly’s life, which show both her positive and negative traits. I can’t think of any other actress who could play this character except Nady el-Gandy, who adds to the role through her attractiveness and strong character. I think that each aspect of this work is so convincing and deserves to be seen."          

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