Votes of Egyptian expats manipulated, claims Muslim Association of Greece

Abdel Nasser Abdel Wahed, secretary general of the Muslim Association of Greece, said he has information that certain countries are trying to manipulate the votes of the Egyptian expatriates in favor of a certain political party and presidential candidates.

“There are eight million expats abroad whose voice can drastically shape the elections,” he said. “That is why certain forces try to manipulate them.”

“Not all the 20,000 Egyptians in Greece would be able to cast their votes, as they live far from the embassy,” he explained, adding that many of the expats in Europe do not know the procedures for casting their votes and that the embassies deliberately did not explain the process to them.

Association President Naeem al-Ghandour said certain employees of Egyptian consulates and embassies abroad are against the revolution. “Some of them were members of the notorious State Security and Investigations Service,” he said, suggesting they form committees of trustworthy expats to handle the voting instead of the embassies.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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