Voter lists to be based on place of residence, says elections commission

Voter lists for the upcoming parliamentary elections will be based on citizens' permanent places of residence, as listed on their national ID card, the High Elections Commission in Egypt announced on Thursday.

In a statement on Thursday, the commission said a subcommittee will issue two voting cards to each on election day, one for the list-based system and one for the single-winner system.

It said that both cards must be submitted so they can be placed in the correct ballot boxes.

It explained that voters will vote for the list-based system by selecting an entire list, and that votes for more than one list will be considered void.

The statement said that in constituencies allocated to the single-winner system, there will be a separate voting card, and that votes for more or less than the required number of candidates will also be void.

The commission said phosphoric ink, which cannot be removed for at least 24 hours, will be applied after a voter casts a ballot.

It said that those with special needs and the visually impaired can cast their votes orally to the commission's secretary or by proxy.

In related news, primary and district courts on Wednesday finished accepting appeals on the electoral rolls following the end of voter database registration on 20 July. Electoral rolls include people who were 18 years of age or older on that date.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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