Vodafone backtracks on increase of prepaid cards price

Vodafone announced decided Tuesday that it would backtrack on the increase of 15 percent price increase on prepaid cards, saying it would continue granting customers extra credit for a limited period after recharging.

The company issued a statement saying that it exerts the utmost effort to maintain prices, despite increasing costs of various services like energy and maintenance, and the high cost of importing most of the required components in hard currency.

It added the prices will return to their previous rate on 23 January in all outlets and authorized distributors. 

Vodafone had unilaterally raised the prices of prepaid cards by 15 percent, causing sellers to raise the prices of cards of all three companies by 20-25 percent.

A large number of owners of telephone call centers staged a demonstration in front of the Cairo Chamber of Commerce Tuesday, in protest against mobile operators in Egypt after increases in the prices of prepaid cards.

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