Visitors of new Egyptian Art Museum in Munich double

The number of visitors to the State Museum of Egyptian Art in Munich, Germany has doubled, according to the management, which considered it as a success for moving to a modern building that adopts developed showing techniques and sophisticated air conditioning working to provide an ideal environment for artifacts.
The new Museum building is located in the heart of the tourist area, in the center of Munich, not far from the old building, accesible in only a few minutes by foot or public transportation.
The new building was designed to be shaped as a pharaonic tomb and cost 107 million euros to build, with estimated area of nearly 1,800 square meters, in addition to another 400 square meters dedicated to special exhibitions organized by the museum.
Sylvia Schoske, director of the Egyptian Museum in Munich, told German news network Deutsche Welle that the new building meets their ambitions in the presentation of all the artifacts they have, especially as the old museum was toocrowded with new pieces obtained by purchase or gift.
 Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm 

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