Violations reported in several polling stations nationwide

Several citizens and rights activists said that a number of violations occurred during Saturday’s referendum on constitutional amendments. The reported violations included a lack of ballots, easily removed phosphoric ink, campaigning inside polling stations and clashes/acts of thuggery.

In Kafr al-Sheikh, two National Democratic Party members attempted to sway voters to vote "no" outside one of the polling stations before members of the armed forces intervened to stop them.

In Minya, a number of Christian voters decided to vote in a nearby village to avoid confrontations with members of the Muslim Brotherhood who stood outside the polling station in Tahna al-Gabal Village. The polling station was shut down for nearly an hour as a result.

In 6 October City, a number of citizens complained that a number of bearded men were trying to sway voters to vote "yes" by telling them it would be a violation of religion to vote "no".

In Beni Souef, a clash involving firearms broke out between thugs and an Islamic group in the Salah Salem area. Frightened residents closed their shops and traffic was redirected to side streets as a group of thugs set up road blocks on the Agricultural Road.

Meanwhile, police forces and members of the armed forces were immediately dispatched to the area where they arrested two thugs who were charged with unlicensed possession of firearms and other weapons, rioting and terrorizing citizens.

The clash broke out after one of the thugs hit a girl who then called on members of an Islamic group in the area for help. One of the members was shot during the clash.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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