Video: Wassim, Mazo start a new season of ‘The Game’

The third season of “The Game” comedy show, entitled “Playing with Masters” is now underway, topping social media trends after the first two episodes were broadcast online.

The events during the first and second episodes witnessed the two arch-friends Mazo and Wassim rush through new challenges and try to win the most difficult level with the help of their teams.

But obstacles will be in their way at every step, threatening their lives and even their families.

Maged said that “There are many surprises, I leave their details to the episodes so as not to spoil the element of suspense for the viewers, but I can say that there are new stars who will join The Game.”

“We work hard and do our best, but the secret of The Game lies in the fact that it is the most interactive work by the audience, as people deal with it as if it is a match in which they encourage one team against the other.”

Maged added: “Apart from the script being written in an excellent way, we have great comedians and a director who is a comedian by nature. Working with the cast is a lot of fun, and after we got to the third season, we’ve become like a family and everyone is credited with making it happen that the Game achieved all this success, under the leadership of director Moataz al-Tuni.”

The series stars Mai Kassab, Mirna Jamil, Mohamed Tharwat, Ahmed Fathi, Sami Maghawry, Arefa Abdel-Rasoul, Mona Ahmed Zaher, and Mahmoud Hafez.


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