Video: Retired actress Sherihan returns to acting by starring in Coco Chanel play

On Wednesday, Head of the Saudi Entertainment Authority Turki al-Sheikh announced that the Egyptian retired actress Sherihan will return to the acting by starring in the Coco Chanel play.

Sheikh made the announcement on his Facebook page, adding that the play will be sponsored by the authority, MBC, and Shahid streaming platform.

Sherihan reappeared on TV in an advertisement for a telecommunications company during Ramadan 2021, after staying off-screen for over 19 years.

Sherihan, 56, is beloved both for her prestigious acting career and for hosting Fawazeer Ramadan (Riddles).

The star had retired from acting since her last film “al-Eshq Wa al-Dam,” (Love and Blood) in 2002, following a diagnosis of salivary gland cancer. She had previously taken a break from acting after a car accident in the 90s had fractured her spine.

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