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Video: Netflix releases promo for Elissa documentary

Netflix has released the official promo for the documentary film “It’s OK” on the life of Lebanese singer Elissa, set to release on January 25th.

The film follows the many ups and downs of Elissa’s illustrious life, from her humble beginnings in theater to becoming one of the most important stars of her generation.

The promo began with a subtitle, “An Untold Story About a Star,” which showed behind-the-scenes footage of Elissa’s concerts, and how some of the difficulties she faced brought her to collapse.

During the promo, Elissa even touched on the bullying she faced at the beginning of her artistic career, that she was mocked over her appearance, her clothes, and her mouth – until she proved her talent.

Elissa also spoke about a “toxic relationship” – as she said – that she blames for her cancer, which she overcame and underwent hormonal treatment.

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