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Video: Mohamed Salah breaks silence, calling for end to massacres

After facing criticism and pressures on social media, Liverpool striker and Egyptian Football superstar Mohamed Salah released a video on Wednesday, calling for an “end to the massacres” and the “immediate entry of humanitarian aid” to the Gaza Strip.

The Egyptian footballer posted on his social media accounts, “It is not always easy to speak in time like this.”

Salah added that in the past few days, the world has witnessed severe violence and brutal savagery that breaks the heart. The escalating violence over the past few weeks cannot be tolerated. All lives are sacred and must be protected.

He went on saying that, the massacres must stop. Families are being torn apart. Humanitarian assistance must be allowed to enter Gaza immediately. The people of Gaza are living in dire conditions.

Salah confirmed that the people of Gaza need food, water, and medicine immediately. He appealed to all world leaders to unite together to prevent further massacres of the innocent.

Mohamed Salah’s video is a significant statement of support for the Palestinian people. It comes at a time when the Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip has killed and injured hundreds of civilians, including children.

Salah’s statement has been met with mixed reactions. Some praise him for speaking out, while others criticize him for not doing enough.

Salah has donated to the people of Gaza through the Egyptian Red Crescent, the Executive Director of the Egyptian Red Crescent, Rami al-Nazer confirmed.

“It’s true, Mohamed Salah donated to the Red Crescent to support the people affected by the Israeli bombing in Gaza,” Nazer told Youm7.

Nazer refused to reveal the value of Salah’s donation, based on the player’s wish, explaining: “The details of the donors or the details of what happened cannot be revealed.”

The Israeli military on October 7 declared that Israel was in a ‘state of war’ after Hamas militants fired rockets and sent forces into Israeli territory.

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