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Video: Lebanese cargo ship sinks off Alexandria, crew rescued

Egyptian authorities, working in coordination with the Alexandria Port Authority, rescued a crew of a Lebanese cargo ship that sank outside the anchorage area of Alexandria Port.

The Alexandria Port Authority received a distress signal from the Lebanese ship “AYLA”, carrying 3.9 tons of scrap iron.

The Lebanese website Robban Assafina said that the ship AYLA has the ship registration number: IMO: 8407448 and is a general cargo ship, built in 1985.

The rescuers and competent authorities immediately moved to rescue its crew consisting of nine Syrians and one Indian.

The ship was coming from Lebanon to the port of Alexandria and completely sank after it leant on one of its sides. The Public Prosecution Office was notified to investigate and question the ship’s crew to determine the cause of its sinking.

The Egyptian newspaper al-Mal reported informed sources as saying that the ship had fallen on one of its sides due to the force of the winds that the Mediterranean region witnessed since Friday, and it continues during the current days, due to which the ports of Alexandria and Dekheila port were closed.

According to the Alexandria Seafarer’s Union this is the second ship to sink recently, as the Sea Queen sank on December 10th. Three Egyptians, an Indian and a Syrian were killed in the sinking caused by bad weather in Alexandria, with waves reaching over five meters.

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