Video: humpback whale sighted in Red Sea off Qusair

A humpback whale has been sighted in the Red Sead off the town of Qusair as it traveled north on its migration route in search of food at this time of year..
The whale was sighted by a diver from a diving center in Qusair during a day trip with tourists. The diver, Abdel Ghany Nabil, took videos for the whale on the surface and under water.
The whale was approximately 16 meters long and two meters in width, said Nabil. He added that it appeared on Sunday afternoon at al-Zerib al-Kabir area, 10 kilometers south of the town of Qusair.
"The humpback does not attack humans. Once I saw it I jump out of the water and I took videos and photos of it. Tourists and Egyptians who were on board my boat were so happy when it appeared," Nabil said.

The man jumped into the water to record underwater video footage of the creature.

He expressed his fears that the whale might be hunted during its journey as it is expected to arrive off the Hurghada coast in the next few days. According to Nabil, the humpback whale moves north in search of food near coral reefs.
Nabil expressed his concern that people ignorant of the whale's non-aggressive nature might attack it, stressing that it does not cause any harm to humans.
However, he said the current lull in tourist traffic in the Red Sea means there are less people in the area at present. Only Europeans currently visit the Red Sea, he said, adding that the peak tourist season in the Red Sea resorts extends between October and Christmas.

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