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Video emerges from inside Al-Shifa hospital of warnings to civilians to stay in the hospital or “be shot”

From CNN's Ibrahim Dahman, Lauren Izso and Tim Lister

As Israel’s operation at Al-Shifa hospital continues into its fourth day, video has emerged from the complex showing women hiding in stairwells as loudspeakers warn them that if they leave, they will be shot.

The video, filmed through a hole in an exterior wall, shows at least twenty women and children on a staircase. In it, a voice on a loudspeaker can be heard telling people:

“Stay in the hospital, anyone leaves will be shot. We care for you, do not worry.” It is unclear when the video was filmed.

A woman then says over the video: “We are in Al-Shifa Medical Complex. They took our men and went away. Now, the women are left behind and we don’t know to where you want to take us.”

In the video, a man adds: “At this moment plumes of smoke are bellowing from inside the complex.”

The loudspeaker is heard a second time: “Don’t worry and don’t fear us. We have come here in order to get the Israeli hostages, then we will let you go. We evacuated all the hospitals, one by one without any injuries. Let’s do it once more. Please be aware, do not leave the hospital premises until further instructions from the IDF.”

CNN is reaching out to the IDF for comment on messages being broadcast into Al-Shifa.

The spokesperson for Gaza Civil Defense, Mahmoud Basal, said that on Wednesday, a fire had broken out in a building close to the hospital. He described the area as “a battlefield. There are burning and bombing of houses,” with dead and wounded on the roads.

Civil Defense workers were still unable to reach the hospital area because of the danger.

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