Video – Egyptian authorities demolish burning Ring Road building

The security services from the Interior Ministry, in coordination with the Armed Forces and the Giza Governorate have safely demolished an illegal property at the Ring Road that had been the scene of an over week-long fire in January.

Beginning from the early hours of Friday morning, security forces have closed down the streets surrounding the Faisal building on the Ring Road.

The Giza Traffic Department deployed its services at all entrances and exits of the streets leading to the property, after installing iron barriers to to keep citizens away from the demolition area.

Police vehicles were also deployed in the area surrounding the property.

At exactly two o’clock in the afternoon, concerned agencies began to evacuate the streets surrounding the area, including parking areas. Armed forces were deployed at the top of the ring road to verify all final measures before the demolition of the property.

The Interior Ministry closed the Ring Road surrounding the site minutes before the detonation.


A huge fire started in the building late January which lasted for about eight days.

Giza Governor Ahmed Rashid said last month that the property was built without a permit in 2013, and the governorate was in the process of demolishing it until the new reconciliation law went into effect allowing the building’s owner to apply for reconciliation and fight to keep the building.

Rashid said that no more than seven apartments inside the building were inhabited, leaving much of the building unoccupied.

Overall, building violations have decreased since 2018, due to stricter punishments for violations, Rashid assured.

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