Video: EgyptAir unveils official World Cup plane for national team

Chairman of the Egyptian Football Association (FA) Hany Abu Raida described the preparations made by EgyptAir and the advertising agency, Presentation, which is a sponsor of the Egyptian FA, as “wonderful” and “unprecedented” in Egypt, following their unveiling of the glamorous ‘Plane of Pharaohs’, which is to be used to transfer Egypt’s national football team to Russia for the World Cup.

He added in a statement on Monday during a ceremony to unveil the plane that preparations were in full-swing for the transfer of the national team, stressing that the company has made impressive arrangements for the team before the World Cup, which will be revealed successively.

The private plane, designed by EgyptAir, bears the image of the flag of the Arab Republic of Egypt attached to the pictures of the players of the football team, headed by Mohamed Salah, in addition to slogans of Egyptian football sponsors.

Abu Raida said that the presence of a private plane for the Egyptian national team was a dream that has been achieved.

“I was hoping that the [Egypt national team] players would see their pictures on the plane, like all the players of other major teams, which has been now achieved after reaching the 2018 World Cup,” he said.

EgyptAir held a press conference to announce the signing of a contract to sponsor the transfer of the national team during the World Cup. The conference was attended by Minister of Civil Aviation Sherif Fathi and Safwat Mesallam, Chairman of EgyptAir Holding Company, as well as a number of leaders of the Egyptian FA.

EgyptAir will transfer the national team to Switzerland on Tuesday for friendlies to help prepare the team for the 2018 World Cup. The team will land in Zurich to play friendly matches with Portugal and Greece ahead of the World Cup. The team will return in the morning on March 28.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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