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Video: Egypt to operate its first double-decker train

The National Authority for Tunnels confirmed that the second type of trains within the high-speed train project is a Desiro train for transporting passengers and goods, the first double-decker train model in Egypt.

The Ministry of Public Transport received its first regional train in the high-speed train network, currently located at the Central Capital Station in the New Administrative Capital.

It is a Desiro HC model, consisting of two floors, with a capacity of 849 passengers, and will operate on the lines at an operating speed of 160 km/hour.

The train will operate on the first line of the high-speed train and stop in centers and cities.The train was manufactured for Egypt and tested in the German city of Krefeld.

This comes in addition to the Velaro express train, which is being manufactured to run at a speed of 250 km/h, and the Vectron train, which will operate at a speed of 120 km/h and transports goods.

Egypt is close to achieving its dream of establishing a high-speed train network, which will enable it to add new services and develop comprehensive development corridors along the high-speed train lines.

The state is currently working to connect places of production with places of export.

The high-speed train network implemented by Egypt includes the establishment of four lines, with a total length of 2,250 km connecting more than 80 Egyptian cities, in addition to linking neighboring countries such as Libya through the first line, and connecting with Sudan through the second.

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