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Video: Dolphin successfully returns back to sea after being rescued in Hurghada

A dolphin stranded at Hurghada, nicknamed “Tayeba”, has successfully returned to her native home in the Red Sea.

The animal underwent treatment  by marine science researchers, the Red Sea Reserves Authority, and a specialized medical team for two weeks inside a well-equipped aquarium.

A manager of the the Northern Islands Nature Reserve in the Red Sea Ahmed Ghallab said that Tayeba is a female bottlenose dolphin.


A miraculous rescue

The animal was taken in for care after she was found to be wounded and exhausted, having drifted into a shallow beach in front of a tourist village.

Ghallab added that the Northern Islands Reserve, located in front of Hurghada is privy to enjoy its first successful return of a dolphin to its environment.

He pointed out that Environment Minister Yasmine Fouad, and conservation officials were constantly following up on the condition of the dolphin and the stages of its treatment.

“After 15 days of rehabilitation and treatment to rescue the female dolphin in one of the outer basins, she has become fully qualified to return to the sea, as the process of returning her began on Friday at six am, and she was transferred from the aquarium and released into her natural environment .”

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