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Video: Al-Waili and Layla Murad featured in the official song of “Flight 404”

As the dramatic thriller film “Flight 404” soars in popularity, the end credits song has sparked curiosity and discussion.

It features Layla Murad’s famous performance of ‘Ya Rayehin Lil-Nabi’ from 1953, one of the most famous Sufi poems by Rabia Al-Adawiya, “Rahti Ya Akhwati Fi Khalwati”, as composed by Riad Al-Sanbati and Abu Al-Saoud Al-Ibiary.

Director Hany Khalifa and writer Mohamed Raga cleverly integrate the renowned song “Ya Rayehin Lil-Nabi” into the film’s core, marking their first collaboration – which promises further intriguing projects in the future.

In an effort to present an innovative, artistic experience, Kareem Gaber, also known as “Al-Waili”, was assigned by the production company to intertwine it with Rabia Al-Adawiya’s poem.

Al-Waili couldn’t wait to breathe new life into the song, honoring Layla Murad’s legacy while crafting a fresh arrangement.

Lending her voice to this musical adventure, Nada Abbas delivers the verses in a captivating new style while Al Waili’s masterful touch crafts the music and arrangement.

Wrst Studio and Film Clinic join forces to deliver this unforgettable piece for Flight 404.

Raking in over six million LE, the film has been met with critical acclaim.

Famed actress Mona Zaki heads a talented cast with renowned guest stars, including Mohamed Farrag, Mohamed Mamdouh, Shereen Reda, Khaled al-Sawi, Mohamed Alaa, Hassan Al-Adl, Sama Ibrahim, Shadi Alfons, Rana Rais, Gihan al-Shamashergy, and Arfa Abdel Rassoul.

The film is produced by Mohamed Hefzy and Shahinaz Al-Akkad, through their Film Clinic and Lagoonie Film Production, and co-produced with Saudi Arabia’s Pictures Entertainment group and Hi Media Production.

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