US, Switzerland, Spain, France greet Egyptian people on July 23 Rev. anniversary

The United States, Switzerland, Spain, and France have extended their warm greetings to the Egyptian people on the 71st anniversary of the July 23 Revolution.

In a tweet posted by the US Embassy in Cairo, the US Department of States’ Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs greeted the Egyptian people and government on the occasion, voicing an interest in boosting economic and security cooperation, while working together to promote regional peace and security.

Meanwhile, Head of the Middle East and North Africa Department at the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maya Tissafi has extended heartfelt greetings to the Egyptian people, wishing Egypt further progress and prosperity.

She said her ministry is looking forward to establishing deeper relations with Cairo.

Greeting the Egyptian people on the historic occasion, the Spanish Embassy in Cairo said Egypt and Spain are bound by very good relation, citing a friendship agreement signed between both countries in 2008.

In a statement posted on its official social media accounts, the French Embassy in Cairo has also extended its greetings to the Egyptian people.

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