US polls bode poorly for Mid East peace, Egyptian experts say

The results of the US congressional elections last week may negatively impact US foreign policy in the region, Egyptian experts in US affairs project.

Manar al-Shurbagui, professor of political science at the American University in Cairo, said the new power dynamic in Washington also bodes poorly for progress in Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations.

Al-Shurbagui said the chairman-elect of the US House of Representatives foreign relations committee is a "Zionist" who supports military action against Iran. Foreign policy in general–except for Iraqi and Afghani affairs–will not be a priority for US President Barack Obama, she added.

Al-Shurbagui also said the landslide Republican victory will curtail Democratic power.

Mohamed Shaker, head of the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs, echoed al-Shurbagui's premonition that, in light of the election results, Obama is unlikely to improve Mid East peace. Even if he does, Shaker added, he may not be around for a second presidential term.

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