US dollar price stabilizes on Wednesday

The price of the US dollar stabilized on Wednesday, along with the price of the Saudi riyal, the Emirati dirham, the Omani riyal and the Jordanian dinar.

The price of the euro declined by six piasters for purchase and 14 piasters for sale, the sterling fell seven piasters for purchase and 15 piasters for sale, and the Canadian dollar decreased six piasters for purchase and 14 piasters for sale.

The Australian dollar decreased by six piasters for purchase and nine piasters for sale, and the Kuwaiti dinar decreased two piasters for purchase and six piasters for sale.

The National Bank of Egypt announced the foreign exchange rate bulletin for Wednesday September 21, 2022, as follows:

US dollar price:

Purchase LE19.39

Sale LE19.45

Euro price:

Purchase LE19.2446

Sale LE19.4033

Sterling pound price:

Purchase LE22.0096

Sale LE22.1438

Canadian dollar price:

Purchase LE14.4831

Sale LE14.5606

Swiss franc price:

Purchase LE20.0829

Sale LE20.1931

Kuwaiti Dinar price:

Purchase LE60.5616

Sale LE62.9756

Saudi riyal price:

Purchase LE5.1521

Sale LE5.1722

UAE dirham price:

Purchase LE5.2758

Sale LE5.2954

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