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US dollar price rises Tuesday

The price of the US dollar rose by two piasters at the beginning of trading on Tuesday, February 7, at the Central Bank of Egypt, government and private banks, and exchange firms.

US dollar rates were as follows on Tuesday morning:


Central Bank of Egypt

LE30.23 for purchase

LE 30.33 for sale


National Bank of Egypt

LE30.15 for purchase

LE 30.25 for sale


Banque Misr

LE30.15 for purchase

LE30.25 for sale



LE30.25 for purchase

LE30.35 for sale


Banque du Caire

LE30.25 for purchase

LE30.32 for sale

At exchange firms, the price of the dollar was close to banks, at LE30.15 for purchase, and LE30.35 for sale.

And on the black market, the price of the dollar fell to about LE31, down from LE38 at the end of 2022.

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