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US dollar exchange rates at major Egyptian Banks on Saturday

The dollar’s exchange rate against the Egyptian pound remained stable on Saturday.

This stability reflects the downward trend observed in recent days, which is likely due to the ongoing weekend and reduced market activity.

Saturday’s dollar exchange rate:

Central Bank of Egypt:

Buy Price: LE 47.94
Sell Price: LE 48.08

National Bank of Egypt:

Buy Price: LE 47.94
Sell Price: LE 48.04

Bank Misr:

Buy Price: LE 47.94
Sell Price: LE 48.04

Banque Du Caire:

Buy Price: LE 47.94
Sell Price: 48.04

Bank of Alexandria:

Buy Price: LE 47.94
Sell Price: LE 48.04

Commercial International Bank (CIB):

Buy Price: LE 47.94
Sell Price: LE 48.04

Suez Canal Bank:

Buy Price: LE 47.95
Sell Price: LE 48.05

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank:

Buy Price: LE 48.13
Sell Price: LE 48.23


Devaluation efforts

To address the shortage and stabilize the economy, the Central Bank of Egypt devalued the pound several times in 2023.

This made Egyptian goods cheaper for export, potentially attracting foreign investment.

On the flip-side, it also increased the cost of imported goods, including essentials like food and fuel, leading to inflation.


IMF loan and reforms

Egypt secured a loan from the International Monetary Fund in 2023 with the condition of implementing economic reforms.

These reforms included a move towards a more flexible exchange rate system, allowing the market to determine the value of the dollar to some extent.


Recent dollar decline

The recent decline in the dollar’s value against the Egyptian pound could be due to several factors:

  • Improved economic outlook: A perceived improvement in Egypt’s economic situation, potentially due to success with the IMF reforms or increased foreign investment, could lead to more confidence in the Egyptian pound thereby causing its value to rise.
  • Temporary fluctuation: It’s also possible that the decline is a temporary fluctuation within the new, more flexible exchange rate system.

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